Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Imported DVDs for sale - from the USA + UK

Did another spring cleaning after the one yesterday, and found that I have 2 copies of a few more DVD titles (when you're in the habit of buying Criterion versions or Special Editions of films, these things normally happen, hehe), so I'm selling the ones listed below. These are true blue, imported and ORIGINAL DVDs from the USA and the UK.

Price: RM30 each
Contact: encik.aidil@gmail.com


1. Breathless (A Bout De Souffle)
dir: Jean Luc Godard
Region 2, UK version, released by Optimum Releasing
Special features include Charlotte Et Son Jules: A Short Film by Jean Luc Godard, Original trailer + 1983 Jim McBride remake trailer, Full production notes, Poster + Photo gallery

2. Stranger Than Paradise
dir: Jim Jarmusch
Region 1, US version, released by MGM, now out of print.
Includes Behind The Scenes featurette

3. The Nutty Professor (Special Edition)
dir: Jerry Lewis
Region 1, US Version, released by Paramount
Special features include Commentary by Jerry Lewis, Jerry Lewis Featurette + Documentary, Archival materials, Theatrical trailer

4. Death Proof
dir: Quentin Tarantino
Region 1, US version, Blockbuster exclusive, released by Dimension/Genius Products
Special features include The Hot Rods of Death Proof, Trailer + Poster gallery

5. Planet Terror
dir: Robert Rodriguez
Region 1, US version, Blockbuster exclusive, released by Dimension/Genius Products
Special features include Commentary with Robert Rodriguez, Audience Reaction Track, Comic-Con 2006 Featuring the Directors and Cast of Grindhouse, Trailer + poster gallery

Have fun shopping! Sorry I couldn't upload photos of the DVDs here, internet connection's being a real bitch today...

Monday, April 05, 2010

DVDs for sale!


After doing some DVD spring cleaning, I found that I've duplicate copies of quite a few DVD titles, so I'm selling the ones listed here. Most are DVD9 (which means that you get all them special features etc). Here's the pricing:

RM5 per title
RM10 per title if it's a 2DVD set

OR you can just buy all 61 titles listed below for the bargain price of RM200 only!

Contact me here: encik.aidil@gmail.com


• Amelie – dir Jean Pierre Jeunet
• Memento – dir Christopher Nolan
• Suspiria – dir Dario Argento
• The Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night” (2DVD) – dir Richard Lester
• Reservoir Dogs (2DVD) – dir Quentin Tarantino
• Pulp Fiction (2DVD) – dir Quentin Tarantino
• Jackie Brown (2DVD) – dir Quentin Tarantino
• Kill Bill Vol. 1 – dir Quentin Tarantino
• Kill Bill Vol. 2 – dir Quentin Tarantino
• Some Like It Hot – dir Billy Wilder
• Love In The Afternoon – dir Billy Wilder
• Limelight – dir Charles Chaplin
• Monsieur Verdoux – dir Charles Chaplin
• A King In New York – dir Charles Chaplin
• A Woman Of Paris – dir Charles Chaplin
• It Happened One Night – dir Frank Capra
• The Third Man – dir Carol Reed
• A Place In The Sun – dir George Stevens
• Giant – dir George Stevens
• Magnificent Obsession – dir Douglas Sirk
• Blow Out – dir Brian De Palma
• Femme Fatale – dir Brian De Palma
• Throw Down – dir Johnnie To
• The Mission – dir Johnnie To
• Election 2 – dir Johnnie To
• PTU – dir Johnnie To
• Jackass The Movie – dir Jeff Tremaine
• The Matrix Reloaded – dir The Wachowski Brothers
• The Matrix Revolutions – dir The Wachowski Brothers
• 28 Days Later – dir Danny Boyle
• Napoleon Dynamite – dir Jared Hess
• Stolen Kisses – dir Francois Truffaut
• Shoot The Pianist – dir Francois Truffaut
• Boogie Nights – dir P.T. Anderson
• Far From Heaven – dir Todd Haynes
• Cinema Paradiso (director’s cut) – dir Giuseppe Tornatore
• Old Boy – dir Park Chan Wook
• Bloody Sunday (2 copies available) – dir Paul Greengrass
• The Terminal – dir Steven Spielberg
• Catch Me If You Can – dir Steven Spielberg
• Charade – dir Stanley Donen
• Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind – dir Michel Gondry
• Mystic River – dir Clint Eastwood
• The Big Red One – dir Sam Fuller
• Ghost World – dir Terry Zwigoff
• Being John Malkovich – dir Spike Jonze
• Kung Fu Hustle – dir Stephen Chow
• Irreversible – dir Gaspar Noe
• Signs – dir M Night Shyamalan
• Matchstick Men – dir Ridley Scott
• Dancer In The Dark – dir Lars Von Trier
• Shaun Of The Dead – dir Edgar Wright
• The French Connection – dir William Friedkin
• The French Connection 2 – dir John Frankenheimer
• Starship Troopers – dir Paul Verhoeven
• Robocop – dir Paul Verhoeven
• The Cooler – dir Wayne Kramer
• The Big Lebowski – dir Coen Brothers
• Hulk – dir Ang Lee
• The Host – dir Bong Joon Ho
• Confessions of a Dangerous Mind – dir George Clooney

Have fun shopping!