Thursday, May 27, 2004

why hip people can be so annoying

Hipsters CAN be annoying sometimes. Especially those prone to making statements to show off how hip they are and how much they know about stuff, when in fact their "opinions" are actually ripped off or informed by another so called "hipster" who happen to write for a "hip" magazine like CMJ, UNCUT, SPIN, Q, ROLLING STONE, etc.

I read a letter in the KLUE letters page where a so called hipster name drops Franz Ferdinand and The Zutons among others to ridicule some fellah who disagreed with a KLUE review on the Incubus gig (BTW, I don't like Incubus that much either). I wasn't at the gig, so I don't know who's right or wrong (because I don't like Incubus that much, see?). But don't you think that before you make statements or drop names like that you should've at least explored enough music or whatever your field of choice is before you do make some sort of statement? I know that Franz Ferdinand is THE band to like right now (for hipsters lah. For us normal people, there's always Incubus and Linkin' Park, he he), but I always hear hipsters say that they sound like The Strokes, when what I most associate them with is Orange Juice (remember that band, with Edwyn Collins?) and the rest of the Postcard Records gang like the Nectarine No. 9 (and believe me, I very rarely hear or maybe have never even heard any of these "hipsters" pronounce their love for the Postcard gang). So why the sudden change? Because hipsters are sheep too (maybe a little bit more informed sheep) and I am the LAW!! And to say that you think The Zutons is IT, don't you think that you should've at least listened to the one of those Nuggets compilations and at least know who The Seeds, Count Five or The Nazz are? I know I'm doing some name dropping myself, but then, I am the LAW!

So guys, remember, do your research. Then you can brag and show off like me. Tomorrow or next week, we will start our lesson on the history and splendor of the cinema, maybe some music too if teacher feels like it. Until then my flock of sheep, adios....

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

majlis memotong riben

It's raining pretty hard outside. Damn, wanted to get home quick. Bought 4 new DVDs today - Bubba Ho Tep, Shaun of the Dead, Zatoichi, The Warriors. I know, naughty! Wanted to get home fast and put them on. Can't wait to see Bruce Campbell as The King kicking a Mummy's ass. Should be fun.

To the lonely bugger who's officially the first person to post a comment here, congratulations man!!! You even beat my girl to the punch. So now, you'll have to be my bitch. Woo hoooooooooo!! I'm gonna run you ragged!!

So, STATEMENT OF INTENT: This particular blog will mostly cater to my masturbatory fantasy of being a film critic, as I've long been a little bit of a "cinephile". I will, from this point forward, be showing off my vast knowledge of the cinema, past, present and future. And you, o unworthy clueless flock of sheep, shall bow and listen to my comments and recommendations, for I am the LAW!!

Okay then everyone. Please tune in once in a while and remember, I AM THE LAW!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Get ready

As soon as I'm able, there'll be posts aplenty about everything and anything.