Wednesday, May 26, 2004

majlis memotong riben

It's raining pretty hard outside. Damn, wanted to get home quick. Bought 4 new DVDs today - Bubba Ho Tep, Shaun of the Dead, Zatoichi, The Warriors. I know, naughty! Wanted to get home fast and put them on. Can't wait to see Bruce Campbell as The King kicking a Mummy's ass. Should be fun.

To the lonely bugger who's officially the first person to post a comment here, congratulations man!!! You even beat my girl to the punch. So now, you'll have to be my bitch. Woo hoooooooooo!! I'm gonna run you ragged!!

So, STATEMENT OF INTENT: This particular blog will mostly cater to my masturbatory fantasy of being a film critic, as I've long been a little bit of a "cinephile". I will, from this point forward, be showing off my vast knowledge of the cinema, past, present and future. And you, o unworthy clueless flock of sheep, shall bow and listen to my comments and recommendations, for I am the LAW!!

Okay then everyone. Please tune in once in a while and remember, I AM THE LAW!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thank you for congratulating me. I congratulate you to be the first one to congratulate me. (I dont know why nobody's congratulated me before, ive had lots of good achievements, i guess nobody ever cared.)
and OOH movies! y dont u talk about confessions of a teenage drama queen! it sucked! (as does your blog)