Tuesday, July 06, 2004

rubbish on the radio

Hey there folks! Haven't updated the blog for more than a week now. Got lots of stuff to tell you guys. But first, I'll be organising a gig called 'rubbish on the radio' this coming Saturday. Here are the details:

Date: Saturday, 10th July 2004
Venue: Paul's Place, Uptown (very near to the Kedai Telekom)
Time: Doors open at 4pm
Cover: RM10
Bands playing:

My own band. Kick ass power pop to rock sama lu punya ass!! Think The Beatles meets The Beach Boys meets The Who, and you'll get there eventually.

Indie rock darlings from Ipoh. Beloved by both the hip crowd and the 'normal' ones.

Geek rock obsessed band from Gopeng. They used to be mad about Weezer and The Rentals. Lately they seem to be mad about Ozma. Plus I hear they're now singing in Bahasa Malaysia!!

If you happen to like Letters To Cleo and the Josie & The Pussycats movie soundtrack, don't miss this band. Indie pop/rock from Bangi with a female singer. Always a plus with anyone!! And, the singer's got a great voice!!

Pop kids from KL & Kajang. Ramzi's brother is the bassist here.

I know, kinda lame name. But don't be shocked if you see them in URTV or Mangga anytime soon, 'cause these guys (with a girl singer) have the potential to be big. Indie pop sung in Malay.

My current favourite local underground Malay language band. Imagine Indo rock tampered a bit with emo stylings. Plus the singer's voice reminds me of Gigi's singer.

A last minute addition from Singapore. Haven't heard their music, but since they'll be in town and asked to play, I thought, why not? I heard the singer's from Denmark, so a Mat Salleh's presence could always help with the hipster crowd. Plus people say that they play dreamy indie pop, so that shouldn't be so bad.

So, my dear flock of sheep. Why don't you get off your usual diet of The Rasmus and give these bands a try. I assure you, this is prime ass I'm talking about here, if these bands were a girl. So come on down and say hi to me later. Ta!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah Man, let's Rock & Roll

Rock on Lu Punya Ass!!!! Keh keh keh keh keh


Anonymous said...

sila jgn lupa besday presen saya.. maceh.. *dgn nada shameless*


Anonymous said...

Aiks ili, birthday kau in July also is it?


Anonymous said...

yeh yeh. july babies memang seme cun, baik, bijak dan amat talented. setuju tak enche-enche? met ultah ya buat enche aidil n enche rump-z.

Anonymous said...

jangan lupa membawa roti dan biskut meri..dan bagi gadis gadis, jgn lupa pakai spender tali-g, untuk memberi kepuasan kepada abg abg yg duduk di blakang..

signing off,

-putera bogel-

Anonymous said...

hey..jgn la degrade kaum kami.. tanpa kami, apalah puki...

aint no sunshine till its gone,

-gadis telanjang-

shahrul azwad said...

I wonder who are these people above? You new friends Mat Cap?