Wednesday, March 09, 2005

bangkok - a month ago today

A month ago today, I was in a garishly colourful bus heading to Bangkok. I would arrive in Bangkok at around 10.00 pm, hungry, and getting conned out of 100 baht for a not so long taxi ride to Khao San road, where's I'll be staying at a reasonably priced guest house called Kawin Place. Later, I will be chomping on some divine tasting Phad Thai, that costs just 20 baht.

A month ago tomorrow, I'll be having breakfast at the wonderful Roti Mataba, lunch at the MBK, and dinner at Jey Hoi seafood (I think, or maybe it's the next day?). I'll be spending some of my hard earned money on cheap original Criterion DVDs of the films Down By Law and Trouble In Paradise and some Thai DVDs of films directed by Apichatpong Weeraseethakul. I'm already in love with this city.

A month ago the next day, again I'll be having breakfast at Roti Mataba and lunch at MBK. And again I'll be buying another cheap Criterion DVD and some more Thai films on DVD. God, I love this city more!! That night I'll be going to Patpong and get conned to see some topless ladies just wiggling on stage (where's the ping pong show?!!). Later that night I'll be seeing a high school friend and hang out at a club called Lava and watch gorgeous Thai ladies swarm around drunk white guys, and as for me, all I got was some really dodgy and inviting stares and body language from a few ladyboys!! Ouch!!

A month ago the day after, I'll be trembling with anticipation at going to the famous Jatujak weekend market, and have a stiff neck looking at all those thrift store clothes. I'll be happy as hell to have finally bought the Antoine Doinel box set that day, along with the 2-disc set of Tokyo Story and an el-cheapo DVD of Le Million. Also loved the puff-fried catfish that I ate at Tom Yam Kung later that night. Started to feel a bit sad that the carefree wanderings of the last few days will end tomorrow.

A month ago the day after the day after, I was reluctantly taking a flight back home, wishing I had more money and time and could stay longer in Bangkok. I definitely love that city!!

As I write this and reminisce about those magical days a month ago, I realise it wouldn't even be half as magical if I didn't have my wonderful baby with me to do all that wandering around with. I'm so glad I found you B. I'm gonna go again soon so I can buy more DVDs!!


shahrul azwad said...

You are a DVD junkie!

Dazed and Confused Ili said...

uh.. jom ar.. jom. lawatan pet project ke bangkok. oke tak? you, jay, syuk n ali jo can kacau the ladyboys. E, hana n i pegi shopping!!! llalaalalala.