Tuesday, February 21, 2006

help my band (couple) tour america!!

A little detour folks!! Haven't posted in a while since I've been busy with my band, Couple, recording and prepping for the release of our long awaited and much demanded debut album. If you've been tuning in, you'd have got wind of the news that we've signed with a US label. No kidding!! If you wanna check out how we sound, go to www.myspace.com/couple

So if you already know that, congratulations!!! Now off to our plea for charity. See now you already know that we're releasing a record in the States, on a small, but top class indie label called Sizzleteen Records. What you don't know is that we've been invited to play at power pop festivals in Los Angeles and San Francisco this summer. We've also been getting requests to plug in other shows in Los Angeles and other places. We can even play in Canada if we have the money, as we've got people who want to book us there if we want.

We think it's fair to highlight here that these are not shows set up by and are intended mainly to be attended by Malaysians living in those places!! These are true blue invitations by people from across the globe who like our music and want to see us rock the stage live. It's truly an opportunity for us Malaysians to show that Malaysia Boleh, even in rock n roll!!

So, the question is money. We're not rich, but it's any musician's dream to be able to play overseas, especially in America. So you can bet we want to go! We need to raise a lot, since tickets to America ain't cheap. And we need to eat and sleep there too. Hence our multi-plea (is that a word? Hah!!), which is basically twofold, one to corporate sponsors, and the other to our loving fans and individuals. To get in touch, please email: encik.aidil@gmail.com

Corporate Sponsorship
If you work in, or better still is a director of, a company, and are interested to be involved in supporting our Malaysia Boleh cause (and to be known to the public as doing so!!), please get in touch. Exposure for your company will come in various forms (depending on the amount donated/sponsored), including but not limited to:

a. Your company logo appearing on the flyers for our American Tour, which will be distributed around the cities we will be playing in America, and also in Malaysia;

b. Main sponsors (that is if you donate real huge sums of money!!), will have the privelege of being 'presenters' of our American Tour, e.g. "Company X, Company Y, and Company Z presents... Couple - American Tour 2006", with such credits appearing as the main title of the flyers for our American Tour. We can say this though, if you pay for our flight tickets to Los Angeles, you'll definitely be a main sponsor!!

c. Main sponsors will also be mentioned prominently in our Malaysian publicity and interviews for the American Tour.

Fans & Individuals
For kind fans and individuals who want to help, please get in touch as well. Your reward for doing so:

a. Your full name will appear in a special page on our official website (www.coupleband.com).

b. Individual sponsors of RM500 and more will also get to have their photograph appear alongside their names on the said page.

c. Individual sponsors of RM1,000 and more will also get the chance to be an extra in our next/future music video, in addition to the name and photo appearing in our official website!!

Remember, you don’t have to contribute huge sums of money!! RM1, 10 cents, 1 cent, it all helps!! The point is to help, that’s all. Even a little help goes a long way!!

What are you waiting for kids? Go check your piggy bank and see how much you can spare us poor musicians. We love all of you!! Thanks for your time reading this. If you don't wanna help, or can't afford to help, why not tell someone who can help of our plea? That's still helping!! See, be creative folks, and let's all make our dreams come true!! Muah!!!


shahrul azwad said...

If it means in the summer that is early June. i might (read: mungkin, tak janji, tengok dulu, jgn harap sgt, perhaps 3x like the song, cuba try test tengok) to give the minimum ok mat cap?

Jucci Rodriguez said...

nak pakai maybank2u ni. tapi x mampu bg byk. kalau rm10 ada privileges x? :) reply!

Jucci Rodriguez said...

i've promo u guys in my blog! c ya! i'll keep in touch soon.