Tuesday, June 08, 2004

public private wish

Sorry folks, someone's away and can't check their email, so this should've been private message is going public. Yeah, baby!! Yeah!!

My DVD wish list:

1. The Adventures of Antoine Doinel Box Set.
2. Beauty and the Beast (Black & White film, NOT the cartoon version)
3. Tokyo Story
4. Shock Corridor
5. The Naked Kiss
6. Pickup On South Street
7. Ali: Fear Eats The Soul
8. Mr Hulot's Holiday
9. Mon Oncle
10. Band of Outsiders
11. Down By Law

1. Shadows
2. Faces
3. Husbands
4. Minnie & Moskowitz
5. A Woman Under The Influence
6. Gloria (NOT the one starring Sharon Stone. This one stars Gena Rowlands)
7. Opening Night
8. The Killing of a Chinese Bookie
9. Love Streams

1. Waking Life (it's an animated movie)
2. Fat City (directed by John Huston, starring Stacy Keach)
3. Divine Intervention (Palestinian film, directed by Elia Sulaiman)
4. American Movie (a documentary directed by Chris Smith)

My CD wish list:

1. GUIDED BY VOICES - Do The Collapse
2. CANDY BUTCHERS - Hang On Mike
3. CANDY BUTCHERS - Play With Your Head
3. SUGARBOMB - Bully

That's all, love. I doubt you'll find even one of the titles I listed above but, should you find more than one, I'll leave it up to you to pick out which one (or 2, or 3, or more!! He he!!) You know better when it comes to budgeting. Anyway, take care over there and buy me lots of stuff from this wish list!!! Ta!

BTW guys, that's the end of the private message right there. So if any of youse guys have some spare cash and want to buy me something, just look at the list above. I look forward to receiving some nice gifts from admiring fans. Ta!!


shahrul azwad said...

Siapalah nak hadiahkan kau filem filem macam tu. Nak cari pun susah. Band Of Outsiders? Hmmm..

Anonymous said...

that's a whole lot! i already bought you gold chains for your new hip hopper image! hahahah....
will try, love. not hopeful tho...unless you want a whole bunch of lebanese albums:)
oh yeah, found an adorable cat stone statue yesterday. looks like George!