Monday, June 07, 2004

weekend fun vol. 1 - movie mania

Watched shitload of movies last week. Will do a capsule review of each one for your reference. Here we go!!

Bought this DVD a long time ago but finally saw it, as I was really bored out of my mind. I really had high hopes for this, having heard all the hype and having already liked Sofia Coppola's debut, The Virgin Suicides. But sadly, I think this is a very empty movie. It's just full of pretty images of mainly the 2 leads moping around looking bored and 'lost'. But that's about it. It's pretty funny at times. But I just think that it's got no soul. Shame, really. Overrated dross for hipsters to love...

Directed by Rainer Weiner Fassbinder and part of the BRD trilogy. Another very 'cold' movie. It's impossibly gorgeous to look at though. The black and white cinematography, and the scene transitions are absolutely stunning. The only problem is that I never 'cared' for the characters. The story is interesting enough, a kind of remake of Sunset Boulevard, but I think the script should be worked on more.

Lined up for about an hour to get tickets for this. I like it. The direction by Alfonso Cuaron is way more imaginative than Chris Colombus'. But 'darker' doesn't necessarily equals great, so I'd have to say that as a whole, I still find the first H. Potter movie the most special one. I can return to it as many times as I want and still not get bored. It doesn't mean that this movie blows, not by any chance is it that. I'd give it 7 out of 10 stars, which means it's very good, maybe even great, but not near 'special' enough. Please, go see it anyway. The time turner set-piece is absolutely awesome. Well done, Mr Cuaron.

Awesome destruction, characters you care about, involving stories, but it kinda withers a bit near the end. A very good popcorn movie nonetheless. Definitely worth your money and time.

Nicolas Cage's directorial debut, and it's surprisingly sad and affectionate. The story has been told many times before. A gigolo wants to go straight. Only, the 'madame' is his own mother. But the script works out plenty amounts of tenderness, anguish and frustration. And the direction is usually non-intrusive, which suits the material well. There's only one very dodgily shot scene, the only one where I think Mr Cage made an error of judgment. But the rest is pretty easy to like. And the performances, especially by Harry Dean Stanton, are pretty good too. So go look it up folks. It's definitely not the best of films. Has quite a few flaws too. But I kind of love the sloppy, affectionate tone of it. Rating? 7/10. Kind of special, but flawed.

Bloody brilliant political thriller by David Mamet, the master of cinematic mind games. Someone's daughter (the President? The movie never confirms who) went missing, and the CIA, Secret Service etc are out to look for her. That's the whole plot right there. But it's beautifully told, complete with twists and turns and even political conspiracy and paranoia. Should've been a hit. Exciting from start to finish. It's a pity Warner Bros. didn't really go all out with promoting it.


Idlan said...

You are the first person who found Lost in Translation boring - the first apart from me, that is. I have to admit I slept through it. Nasib baik Fulham Broadway nyer wayang murah.

thegrouch said...

Loved Day After Tomorrow! Nasib baik best...after paying Dhs30, it had better be awesome. Glad to say I wasn't disappointed. Wow, love, you've been watching a lot of DVDs since I've been gone. Bet this month's salary is gone now, eh?

shahrul azwad said...

Sonny tu cerita tahun berapa? Aku pernah dengar tapi tak pernah tengok. Bila kau sebut baru aku ingat. Aku pun baru tengok Harry Potter. Ok juga. Jelas, plotnya cuma perkembangan watak sahaja. Jk Rowling ada banyak idea lepas tu tapi aku tak baca buku seterusnya (Idlan je rajin membaca he he!). Tengok filem jelah. Aku setuju komen kau pasal pangarahnya. Dia dapat terjemahkan dengan visual yang menarik bagi cerita yang mudah (tapi bagus). Kalau aku belajar English Literature, tentu aku boleh komen lebih baik lagi. Terkejut juga komen kau pasal Lost In Translation. Aku tak tengok lagi. Aku suka Virgin Suicides tapi kalau tak sebagus cerita itu, aku kena tengok secepat mungkinlah.

Anonymous said...

really? 1st harry potter? i thought the second one was the best (ive not seen the third though) i mean harry MORPHED into Goyle! he MORPHED! he FUCKIN morphed! thats so fuckin cool.
ps.susah gila nak letak comment

(he fuckin MORPHED)

Dazed and Confused Ili said...

Harry Potter disappointing sikit la. But the new set and uniform memang cool. notice tak tiba-tiba hogwarts nampak besar gile. Can't wait for Goblet of Fire.. hope it will turn out better thn this one..