Thursday, September 23, 2004


Been lazy these last couple of weeks. It's exactly one month since I last updated this blog!! So, have to do something at least.

A lot happened the past month. Ramzi, the original bassist for my band, Couple, went to the UK to do his Masters. Felt quite sad, am definitely gonna miss him and his goofy poses on stage. His little brother, Syukri is now our bassist, did well on our last 2 gigs at Kit Kat Club and Paul's Place.

Finished recording the 10 songs we wanted to do in a proper recording studio. Only 9 hours spent to record the whole damn thing!! Sounds pretty cool, I think. At first we wanted to straight away send it to the factory to be pressed, but an email from Not Lame Recordings asking us to send some stuff to them put all that pro-printing DIY release plan on hold for a while. If it was Sony Malaysia or EMI Malaysia or any other label, we'd have definitely gone through with our DIY plan. But Not Lame is a dream I've long had. Yes, it's only a tiny American indie label that no one's heard of. But for a power pop geek like me, to even be thought of to be possible candidates to be on the same stable with bands like The Shazam, The Rooks, Myracle Brah, Cherry Twister and Michael Carpenter is an opportunity too good to pass. We might not get it after all, but at least Not Lame's boss himself sent an email to me, expressing his interest. That's already pretty damn close to an orgasm!!! He he. Will keep you updated on that.

Did the Pet Projects launch party last weekend. I think it went pretty well. Early birds received a free Pet Projects button. Felt proud of the bands under the Pet Projects gang. Lucy In the Loo and Bittersweet both released their debut EPs that day. Sounded sweet too. Wished Free Love could've made the deadline as well. Their debut EP will be out sometime in the future. Couple released a limited early edition of our debut album, with some outtakes and 'crappy' versions included as hidden tracks. Hope the people who bought it are happy. It's truly a limited edition. Only 50 copies. 33 gone during the gig. So, very few left. Don't know if I have enough to satisfy all the 'bookings' by friends. If not, sorry guys.

Saw quite a few good movies, and one or 2 great ones last month. But I'll write about that later. Cheers!!


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can i please have a copy of the limited edition album....