Wednesday, September 29, 2004

fantasy football

Hey guys. Been quite busy these last few weeks. Saw a lot of films, but kinda lazy to review them, so I'll talk about my latest craze, Fantasy Football.

I've always wanted to play it, free of course, but don't know where. Only found out about Yahoo's free Fantasy Football game 2 or 3 weeks into the new football season. So, by then I can't put my favourite midfield 'hard man', Thomas Gravesen of Everton in my team 'cause by the time I signed up for the game he's already so expensive (because of his excellent performances), I think he'd cost about 46 million pounds or something, almost half the transfer budget of 100 million pounds given to set up my whole team. Thank god Frank Lampard was still cheap then. So in the end I got Frank Lampard, Shaun-Wright Philips, Muzzy Izzet and Patrick Vieira as my midfielders. Decent point winners there.

Ledley King, John Terry, Jlloyd Samuel and Ashley Cole are my Defenders. All regular first team players and decent point winners. At first I got Collins John and Jermaine Defoe (yup, I'm a Spurs fan!!) as my Strikers, but now that Wayne Rooney's back and dirt cheap (only 1 million pounds if you get him today like I did), I got him in place of Collins John. Wowee, I can't wait for the wonderboy to start winning me mega-points after this. Just look at that hattrick against Fenerbahce. Please Sir Alex, play that goddamn kid every week.

My biggest headache is in the goalkeeping department. At first I wanted to get Robert Green, but since the season's already underway I can't afford to get him anymore, too expensive. So I went for Tim Howard, who's kinda cheap since he's been making blunder after blunder this season. But right now he's not playing at all!! So for 2 weeks now I didn't get any points from the goalkeeping department. All the other first choice goalkeepers are so pricey I can't afford them right now. I know that Tim Howard's a very good goalkeeper, but do I keep him and keep losing points or stick by him and hope he'll return to Man U's first team ASAP and kick ass and win me a whole lot of points? Aaarghh, what a dilemma!!

Comments or advice anyone? I need 'em. It's hard being a manager isn't it?


shahrul azwad said...

boring lah mat cap , takde komen film ke record ke?

Idlan said...


Try the one at

Aku rasa cam lagi best and lagi seronot kat situ. Ajaklah orang lain. Create Gundala league.

Wendy said...

hello aidil, didnt know u have a blog :)