Thursday, December 09, 2004

the horror, the horror

Hey folks. It's been a while since I last updated this blog. Well, work has truly been terrible. So much that I don't even want to type anything other than what I have to at work.

Anyway, last weekend I went to Berjaya Times Square to see The Polar Express at the new IMAX cinema there. Guess what, a lot of the DVD pirates there are selling DVD5s at RM10 for 3 pieces! So I simply went nuts and bought a whole lot of stuff then and there. I bought mostly horror films like Poltergeist, The Exorcist, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original one) and The Return of the Living Dead.

I watched The Exorcist last weekend and thought it was a fantastic piece of anarchic 70's Hollywood cinema. But last night I watched The Return of the Living Dead with very low expectations, and was duly rewarded with one of the most entertaining films I've seen in recent memory.

If horror-comedy is your cup of tea, then this could be the very best example you could find. The comedy part is especially hilarious. Observe these lines:

Girl#1: I find death so fascinating. What about you?
Guy: Sure, but I like sex and death. What about you?
Girl#2: Yeah sure I like sex & death, so fuck off & die!!

Guy#1: How do we kill the zombies?
Guy#2: What did they do in the movie... they destroyed their brains, right?
Guy#1 & #3: Yeah, let's do it.
The guys hit the zombie's head and brains... the zombie's still moving.
Guy#2: It's still not dead!
Guy#1: But I hit his brain! Like in the movie!
Guy#3: You mean the movie lied?

He he. Hilarious isn't it? That's just a few things I can remember now. Like a character named Frank who shouts every single line of his (after his first encounter with a zombie) like a shrieking scaredy-cat lunatic. Might not sound funny now. But you hear how he does it, you'll howl for sure. But I'm very sure that guys will love this movie. There's even one female character who's buck naked for almost the whole movie! I'm telling you, watch this. Even your girlfriend has a good chance of enjoying it.
(Rating: 7 1/2 out of 10)


kudo said...

hey there. i don't know if you remember me but i did a lil' write up on the easter gig in '98 at UNL for ROTTW. took some photos of you guys as well. i chanced upon ramzi in a few months back when we chatted a little about bass guitars and pedals.

i can never find your stuff in the cd shops. or have i been looking in the wrong places? :)

shazyra said...

Just got on my computer and reading the malay mail featuring u guys - COUPLE and find out all about u guys at one go. seriously, i am not very good with the local indie sound but ur sweet melodies reminded me of Death Cab for Cutie and Apple in the Stereo so, i guess u guys are good!

so please tell meeee, where can i get ur cd????

P/S* Hey, u should check the Evil Dead Trilogy too, then but me personally, i enjoy the 70s and 80s version of horror movie better that the new ones...the new ones from Hollywood are so predictable and japanophile.

Aidil said...

hi shazyra,

thanks for your interest in our little band. you can either buy our cd by mail or by hand (if you live in kl & are willing to come to klcc, as i work near there). so email me first:

of course i've seen the evil dead trilogy. and i also like 70s horror, and some 80s horror. but recent hollywood horror/slasher films arent's so bad. jeepers creepers 2 was fun! i like the ring remake better, as the hollywood-ization had resulted in it having a much more accessible pace. even the grudge wasn't bad.

my favourite horror/thriller? The Night Of The Hunter, directed by charles laughton. it's gorgeous.

anyway, hope to hear from you soon.

Aidil said...

hi kudo,

i remember your article. well, if you want to get our stuff, the same comment i posted here applies. so, email me ok:

shahrul azwad said...

I believed I've watched that movie long time ago. It was a time when LD Centres were good business. Around RM20 for a movie. Seremban was hot with them. I can like that movie as well as you. The girl was naked but no bush shown. Now, I sound like a pervert. Still, the atom bomb is a very good idea of a solution.C U.

shazyra said...

yup, i work and reside in KL and in fact i email you today on how to get the cd.i am bored having to click on myspace every time i want to access COUPLE `s songs.this what happens to "late bloomer" in the local indie music scene like me!

P/S* yeah, jeepers creepers 2 are fun and the remakes of the japanese movies are OK. but does Hollywood intended the remakes to be accessible or profitable? Alamak...philosophical la pulak!

peace out!

shazyra said...

so, now you know my friend chmabering at your place, senanglah for me to get your cd! i can pass her the money and you can pass her the cd. thanks alot!

P/S* Just a "pembetulan" - saya tak pernah chenta sama korn,Suraya sudah confuse!